Server unable to listen on port 5001


Planning Analytics
Microsoft Windows 2019 Server


Newly installed TM1, when start the TM1 application, the first starts, but the second application does not start.

Following error in tm1server.log while starting the second Planning Analytics server : ” TM1.Server E15) Server unable to listen on port 5001. Please check the log file for further details ”

Possible solution:

The Tm1 instance can not read the tm1s.cfg file, and therefor defaults to the standard value of HTTPPortNumber; that is port 5001.

The first starts, the second tm1 instance try to use same port and crash.

Can be that you have missed to include HTTPPortNumber in the tm1s.cfg file.

Add HTTPPortNumber to every tm1s.cfg file with a unique number.

Can be that you inside the tm1s.cfg file you have “Configuration Directory” set to the data folder, but the tm1s.cfg file is in a different folder.

Remove “Configuration Directory” from the tm1s.cfg file.

Let only the path for the Tm1 instance in cognos configuration point out where the tm1s.cfg file is located.


More Information:

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