‘Runtime Error 13’ ‘Type Mismatch’

IBM Cognos Planning 10.1.1 Fix Pack 3
Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 server
Oracle Database

When user in CAC (Cognos Planning Administration Console) click on Monitoring Console tab to Monitor a Deployment they get a error message. When they click OK on error message the CAC is closed down.

Error message:
‘Runtime Error 13’
‘Type Mismatch’

Stop the Cognos BI and Cognos Planning services in Windows on all Planning servers.
Log into the Planning Store database with SQL developer ( or TOAD ).
Ensure you have a backup of the oracle database.
Run this commands to truncate the two tables:

truncate table p_pnrequestprogress;
truncate table p_pnrequest;

Start Cognos Configuration for the server that contain Content Manager first.
Start the Cognos services here first – both BI and Cognos Planning.
After they are up, then go to next server – the Cognos Planning Job server.
Start Cognos Configuration for the Planning Job server and start that as second.
When all the Planning services are up, go into CAC and test again.

The start order of the Cognos BI and Planning servers are important.