install the DB2 Data Studio

IBM Data Studio 4.11
Windows 2012 R2 Server
DB2 database

To save money the Cognos TM1 project does not want to use TOAD, and instead the free Data Studio – to allow the Developers have access to the data.

When run lanchpad.exe to install the DB2 Data Studio you get a installation screen without buttons. There are no links to select and install the product. Only a OK button to select language in the dialog exist in top right corner.
There should be buttons or menu options on the left side of the dialog, but there are none.
When you click on the OK button at the language, you are only brought back to the same dialog as before.

Instruction say to start LANCHPAD.EXE from the unzipped file.
But that does not seem to work in some computer environments.

Run the INSTALL.EXE instead.
Go to the folder \ibm_ds4110_win\disk1\installerimage_win64\
Right click on INSTALL.EXE and select “Run as Administrator”
This will first install the IBM Installation Manager
When that is done it will automatically start installation of Data Studio.

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