How do I automatic backup my TM1 data folder with a process?

Cognos TM1 10.2
Windows 2008 R2 Server

How do I automatic backup my TM1 data folder with a process?

Install a Zip program, like 7za.exe from on your TM1 server.
From the download page – get the file for 7-Zip Command Line Version.

Place the 7za.exe file in folder d:\tm1 data\7za920\.

Login to TM1 Architect on your TM1 application.
Create a new Turbo Integrator process.
In the PROLOG tab enter below code:

sExec = SC_QUOTE_COMMAND | ‘D:\tm1 data\7za920\7za.exe’ | SC_QUOTE_COMMAND;
sBackupDir = ‘D:\tm1 data\FAP\Backup\’;
sDataDir = ‘D:\tm1 data\FAP\Data\’;

sFileName = ‘FAP_backup_’ | TIMST(NOW(), ‘\Y\m\d_\h\i’, 1) | ‘.zip’;
sArgs = ‘ a -tzip ‘;
sCommand = sExec | sArgs | ‘”‘ | sBackupDir | sFileName | ‘” “‘ | sDataDir | ‘*”‘;

Replace FAP with the name of your TM1 application, and update the path to the files in the 3 first lines to be according to your setup.

The SC_QUOTE_COMMAND = Char(34); is the ” character, and is needed if the first path contains a space. If you do not use spaces in the path names to exe files, you do not need this variable.

Save the Process as TM1.Backup name.
Create a new Chore.
Select a process you have previous created that do a SAVEDATAALL call.
Select the process TM1.Backup and click next
Set to be active
Set date and time to be run
Suggested to run once every week.
Click to save.