Limits exceeded

Planning Analytics 2.0.8
Microsoft Windows server 2016

Open a tm1web view in the new PA version give error, it worked in the old TM1 server.

Error message:
Limits exceeded
The action has been terminated because it exceeds the configured maximum memory limit.


Open tm1web_config.xml file in Notepad++. It is in folder C:\Program Files\IBM\cognos\tm1_64\webapps\tm1web\WEB-INF\configuration\

Having WorkbookMaxCellCount blank or setting it to less than 0 indicates that an unlimited cell count for workbooks is allowed.
Before IBM Planning Analytics version 2.0.7, the default value is -1, which indicates an unlimited number of cells are allowed in a workbook.
After IBM Planning Analytics version 2.0.7, the default value is 500000.
Setting this parameter to 0 indicates that workbooks cannot have any cells.
You must set it to above 0.

You must do a restart of the application server for the change to take affect.

If WorkbookMaxCellCount parameter is in tm1web_config.xml and it is not the default, when the user opens a workbook, the server validates its cell count against WorkbookMaxCellCount. If the cell count of the workbook exceeds WorkbookMaxCellCount, an error message is logged and the workbook is not opened.

Can also be other values that affect how tm1 show cells.

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