The cryptography information was not generated

Cognos TM1 10.1.1
Microsoft Windows 2012 server

Error when saving in TM1 Cognos Configuration, after adding a new TM1 server.

Error message:
[ ERROR ] The cryptography information was not generated.
[ ERROR ] CAM-CRP-1064 Unable to process the PKCS #7 data because of an internal error. Unable to find the encryption certificate with alias ‘encryption’ in the keystore ‘D:/Program Files/ibm/cognos/tm1_64/configuration/encryptkeypair\jEncKeystore’.
The parameter named ‘User ID and password’ located in ‘TM1 Application Server’ is currently invalid.

Possible solution:
In the Cognos configuration, remove the TM1 server you are trying to add…or re-add.

This is for TM1 10.1.1
Then save the configuration in plain text.
Select File – Export to clear text file
Select a folder to save the file in, like d:\temp
Name the file to cogstartup_backup.xml
Stop the Cognos TM1 servers (including IBM Cognos TM1 Application Server) on that physical server.
Close the TM1 configuration.
Go to the following install folder: Driver_letter:\Program Files\ibm\cognos\tm1_64\configuration.
Rename the CSK, SIGNKEYPAIR, and ENCRYPTKEYPAIR folders (add _old after the name).
Rename the cogstartup.xml to cogstartup.xml.old
Copy the file d:\temp\cogstartup_backup.xml to folder \Program Files\ibm\cognos\tm1_64\configuration\
Rename cogstartup_backup.xml to cogstartup.xml
Open the Configuration tool.
Click save, to test that it works now.
This should allow the encryption files to be recreated.
Then add your TM1 server and save your settings.

Below how to update the keys for CA11 or PA2 Local:

Steps to regenerate the cryptographic keys are as follows:
1. Stop the running of your service in Cognos Configuration.

2. On the Content Manager computer, click ‘File > Export As’.

3. Choose ‘Yes’ at the prompt and save the file. For example, name it ‘backup.xml’ which will be stored in the c11\configuration folder.

4. Close Cognos Configuration.

5. On the Content Manager computer, create a backup of the following files and directories before moving them to a different, secure location (as during the cryptographic keys regeneration process they will be re-created):

The files are:

· c11/configuration/cogstartup.xml

· c11/configuration/caSerial

· c11/configuration/certs/CAMCrypto.status

· c11/configuration/certs/CAMKeystore

· c11/configuration/certs/CAMKeystore.lock

· c11/temp/cam/freshness
The directory is

· c11/configuration/csk

6. In the c11\configuration folder, rename ‘backup.xml’ to ‘cogstartup.xml’.

7. Open Cognos Configuration, save the configuration and start the services.

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