XQE-MD-0007 Unable to establish a metadata connection

Cognos Analytics 11.1.3
Planning Analytics 2.0.6
Microsoft Windows 2016 server

When run a CA11 report against a Tm1 Cube, you get this error;
XQE-MD-0007 Unable to establish a metadata connection to data source /content/package
DIM-ERR-1007 Det gick inte att efterfråga kubinformation för datakällan. Kontrollera anslutningssträngen och se till att servern är tillgänglig.

The user who runs the CA11 report must have access to data in the TM1 cube.
Go in to TM1 Architect, and right click and select Rights – clients/groups dialog.
Check the user belongs to some of the security groups.
For a quick test, mark your user as ADMIN.
Click OK.
And log out from CA11 and in again, try the same report again.

If you get the below error when you run a Cognos Analytics 11 report;
QE-DEF-0157 The model or package /content/folder does not exist or you are not allowed to use if because of security settings.

Then it can be that the FM package is deleted.

Click on search icon on the left in Cognos 11, and search for the package name. If you find it, check that the user group the user belongs to have “run” rights, on the package.
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