you only get up the option “change password”

Cognos TM1 version 9.5.1

Inside TM1 Architect program when you right click on the TM1 cube ( e.g. planning sample) and select “security”, you only get up the option “change password”. The others are grayed out.

In a new installation of Cognos TM1 the user Admin in the application planning sample should have all access including Clients/Groups so you can add more users to the application.

During the installation of TM1 server on the Microsoft Windows 2008 server you deselected TM1 perspectives under Custom installation. This because you did not have Microsoft Excel install on the Microsoft Windows server.

Reinstall TM1 and ensure that all choices are selected.

Recommended is to always install the “TM1 contributor” selection with default settings, then you get all the program and functions on the server.

The TM1WEB part will work even do you do not have installed Microsoft Excel on the Windows server you use for the TM1 server.