54: ObjectNameInvalid

Planning Analytics 2.0.3
IBM Cognos TM1 Applications
Microsoft Windows 2016 server

When user inside Cognos TM1 Applications (contributor) are reporting there numbers. Then they click on X to close the window, they get a error message: 54: ObjectNameInvalid, when they press OK the application exits as it should.

Only when you use CAM authentication.

Suggested Solution:
You are using Internet Explorer in wrong emulation mode.

Press F12.
Select Emulation.
Change Document mode to Edge or 10, from 11.
Go into the node again and test.

To get to TM1 Applications you surf to http://paservername.domain.com:9510/pmpsvc

This error can also be found if the name of the TM1 application is to long, so the total length of the temp files BLB is more than 255 characters on the Windows server. During start of the Contributor session a blb file is created with the user name as filename in the datafiles folder, if this file is not created (due to its name is to long), when you exit your Planning Analytics Contributor application you get above error, because TM1 can not find the file and erase it.  All work, but you get a irritating error.

Solution is to have TM1 instances installed with short names like d:\tm1server\112\datafiles or similar.

You can also find in the tm1server.log error like this NAME INVALID error and that causes TM1.Blob FileCreateOpenDelete.