Can not move tabs in Cognos Contributor client

Cognos Planning 8.4.1 rich client

Can not move tabs in Cognos Contributor client.

More information:
Do below steps to reset the tab order to the default for the application:
Open up the Cognos planning administration console
choose /development /application maintenance/admin options
Change “persistent settings” from “client” to “server”
Save and GTP the application.
(cube order, orientation and sorting of the dimension made in the client grid will have to be re-done)

The Persist Contributor Web Client Setting can affect IBM Cognos Planning Rich Client Performance. Having the Persist Contributor Web Client Setting turned to Off may provide a slight improvement web client performance.

By turning the Persist Contributor Web Client Setting to Off, neither the server nor the client caches the user’s web grid layout. Therefore any grid customization will be lost once the user logs off and will need to be reset upon next entry. It is important this change in functionality is weighed carefully against the potential performance improvements. Persist client setting are global setting and will affect all users. When turning off Persist a dialog box will appear, this explains the loss in functionality that will result.

Exit Cognos Planning Contributor and erase the local cache in Internet Explorer.

If the persisted settings are set to “Client” then this setting is saved on your client PC and you are looking out for an XML called “{GUID}workbench.xml ” under \CognosRCP\temp\contributor_8.4\RichClient

Deleting this will force the grid to take the settings that is set within CAC.

Then start Internet Explorer and your Cognos Planning application again.