DPR-CMI-4006 Unable to determine the active Content Manager

Cognos BI version 8.4.1

Can not start the Cognos BI service from Cognos Configuration.

Error Message:
09:52:45, ‘AuditDatabaseConnection’, ‘Execute’, ‘Success’.
09:52:45, ‘ContentManager’, ‘getActiveContentManager’, ‘Failure’.
DPR-CMI-4006 Unable to determine the active Content Manager. Will retry periodically.
[ ERROR ] CFG-ERR-0106 IBM Cognos Configuration did not receive a response from the IBM Cognos 8 service in the time allotted.
Check that IBM Cognos 8 service is available and properly configured.

A possible cause can be that the port is set to wrong value in Cognos Configuration
Can be when you install two Cognos BI instances on the same server.

On Cognos Application server, start Cognos Configuration
Check that port number is correct at:

• the shutdown port number under ‘Cognos 8 Service’
• the 4 port numbers under the “Environment” link (all URI’s except the gateway)
• the portal port number under the ‘Cognos Portal Services’
• the ‘local log server port number’ under the “Environment” and “Logging”.

Change the port numbers to be uniq and not the same as other Cognos installation on same server.

Standard port for Cognos dispatcher is 9300
Standard port for Cognos logging is 9362
Standard port for Cognos shutdown is 9399
Standard port for Cognos Portal is 9300

Standard port for Microsoft SQL is 1433