Can not authenticate

Cognos Controller 10.1.1
Windows 2008 R2 Server
Citrix server

User can not log in to Cognos controller. He have been able to do this before.
The user name is part of the Controller User group inside Cognos Connection.
Check if the user have two different windows accounts in the company domain that he can use ?

Error message in Swedish:
Log On IBM Cognos Controller
IBM Cognos-programvara
Det gick inte att autentisera. Det går inte att komma åt IBM Cognos med angivet kreditiv. Kontakta administratören.

The user have two windows account to two different domains at the company.
When he start the Citrix session he enters the windows user to use, but select the wrong user who is not part of the Cognos Controller user group.
If he log off Citrix
and start Citrix session again,
and login with the username and domain from the other windows domain
he succeeds.