the FAP service can not login to the TM1 application

Cognos Controller 8.5.1532 FAP
Windows 2008
Cognos TM1 9.5.2

During IP for Controller FAP you get a error message that the FAP service can not login to the TM1 application. When you change client id and restart the FAP service, you get not error message, the FAP service is only hanging.
If you reboot the physical server, the FAP service will try to login once, and then fail.
There are no “fatalerror.log” in the FAP service folder on the server.

You have changed to use CAM ID and SSO to access Cognos Controller.
The servers and the users are in different Windows domains with trust between.

Error message:
Severity: CRITICAL
Description: Could not login to TM1, host: SERVERNAME, server name: TM1 SERVER NAME, user name: admin

If you hold the mouse over the error message in FAP manager, you see the text:

The windows account that run the IBM Cognos Controller FAP server must be a domain account in the same domain that the Cognos BI server authenticate against. You must be able to surf to http://servername/cognos8 from the server logged in as the service account, and SSO should work.

Create a new windows service account in the domain that contains the users
Make that new windows service account local admin on the FAP server
Change the windows account that start the FAP service, to use the new service account.

You may need to enter the account with domain\name in the field for name to the FAP service to make it possible for the FAP service to use the account.

Start FAP service again and test if the FAP publish works now.

In FAP Manager for the connection edit, ensure you enter the client name and domain in same capital letters as used for the namespace id in cognos configuration. If the namespace ID is AD then you need to enter AD\username in the FAP manager for the TM1 connection.