Unable to register subset

Planning Analytics
Microsoft Windows 2019 server


Error in TI process when run at random times.

Suggested solution:

Error: Prolog procedure line (9): Unable to register subset
Can be that the destroy of the subset did not work, as a view is around using that subset.
Check what views you have open.

Error: Prolog procedure line (103): Subset “xxx” not found in dimension “Period”
Can be that the subset is not around anymore, the subset have already been deleted.
Can be if you use the SubsetCreate(‘Region’, ‘Northern Europe’, 1);
Change to 0 (zero) in the TI process and see if that helps.

SubsetCreate(DimName, SubName, [AsTemporary]);

This is an optional argument that specifies whether the subset being created is temporary. 1 indicates a temporary subset, 0 indicates a permanent subset. If this argument is omitted, the subset is permanent.


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