Cognos Controller – no sso

Cognos Controller 10.4.2
Microsoft Windows 2022 server


Users are prompted with the native login dialog, instead of the SSO (single sign on), that should be using the CAM (Cognos Analytics login).

This happens after the Cognos Controller Windows server was restarted last night.


Ensure that the Component service (found under Administrative Tools) have the COM+ component IBM Cognos Controller Consolidation running. Right click on IBM Cognos Controller Consolidation and select Start, if they are not running.

Ensure that the Cognos Controller Configuration, is set to CAM Authentication in the Server Authentication dialog. Even if it is correct set, change to native, and then back to CAM authentication. Then click on save icon in Controller Configuration.

If above works, then it can be that when the Windows server was restarted, and some of the controller configuration values was not picked up by the system.



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