Do i need to upgrade the cognos controller client?

Cognos Controller 10.4.2
Microsoft Windows 2016 server


We need to install a fix pack/interim fix to cognos controller – do we also need to upgrade the cognos controller client?

Suggested solution:

Do a test upgrade in your test environment, and see if the client works without upgrade the Cognos Controller client.

When you do a installation of a new version, you must upgrade the cognos controller client. But if you only install a Interim fix then the client installed can be used without upgrading.

Any fixes that are in the client side, like help – content issues, will not be solved.

Recommendation is to always upgrade the cognos controller client too.

Before installation we had in the client this version:

IBM Cognos Controller Version 10.4.2000.293
Integration Version 10.4.2000.145
Installer/Updater Kit Version 10.4.2000.1064

after installation we had this in cognos controller client – help – system info:

IBM Cognos Controller Version 10.4.2000.293
Integration Version 10.4.2000.145
Installer/Updater Kit Version 10.4.2000.1111

The client looks like it is working, but not any bugfixes that are in the Cognos Controller client code is not part of the solution.

Supported is to have both cognos controller client and cognos controller server at the same version.

You can check the version of cognos installed in the cmplst.txt file, often found in folder D:\Program Files\ibm\cognos\ccr_64

CONTRL_UPDATE_name=IBM Cognos Controller Update
[Main Applications]

When doing a upgrade of cognos controller to a interimfix it is important that you;

Note down cognos controller configuration for report server URL.

Specifically, stop the following Windows services:

  • IBM Cognos
  • IBM Cognos Controller Batch Service
  • IBM Cognos Controller Consolidation
  • IBM Cognos Controller Java Proxy
  • IBM Cognos Controller Reports
  • IBM Cognos Controller Web
  • IBM Cognos Controller Web Spreadsheet Service
  • IBM Cognos Controller Web UI
  • IBM Cognos FAP Service
  • WWW service

Stop COM+ object for Cognos Controller.

Backup the controller web folder

D:\Program Files\ibm\cognos\ccr_64\fcmweb and D:\Program Files\ibm\cognos\ccr_64\frontend

Check that no JAVA processes is running, before you start the upgrade.

After upgrade, Cognos Controller Web need to be reconfigured.

More information:

Currently Supported Versions of Controller (incl. Interim Fixes):

Updater Kit Build CCR Version DB Version Comment
10.4.2000.1111 10.4.2000.311 10.4.2 IF17 1010 Generally available (FixCentral)
10.4.2000.1108 10.4.2000.300 10.4.2 IF16 1010 Generally available (FixCentral)
10.4.2000.1098 10.4.2000.300 10.4.2 IF15 1010 Generally available (FixCentral)
10.4.2000.1079 10.4.2000.300 10.4.2 IF14 1010
10.4.2000.1078 10.4.2000.300 10.4.2 IF13 1010
10.4.2000.1076 10.4.2000.300 10.4.2 IF12 1010
10.4.2000.1073 10.4.2000.300 10.4.2 IF11GA 1010 Generally available (FixCentral)
10.4.2000.1070 10.4.2000.296 10.4.2 IF10 1010
10.4.2000.1067 10.4.2000.296 10.4.2 IF9 1010
10.4.2000.1064 10.4.2000.293 10.4.2 IF8 1010
10.4.2000.1063 10.4.2000.292 10.4.2 IF7GA 1010 Generally available (FixCentral)
10.4.2000.1018 10.4.2000.270 10.4.2 IF3 1010  
10.4.2000.1013 10.4.2000.267 10.4.2 IF2 1010  
10.4.2000.1002 10.4.2000.259 10.4.2 IF1GA 1010 Generally available (FixCentral)
10.4.2000.185 10.4.2000.252 10.4.2 RTM 1010 Available via Passport Adv. (full install)