Could not login to TM1 from Controller FAP service

Cognos Controller 10.4.1 FAP service
Planning Analytics 2.0.6
Microsoft Windows 2016 server

You get a error when run first IP in a new setup of FAP and TM1 instance.

Error in log file D:\Program Files\ibm\cognos\ccr_64\Server\FAP\error.log
10:00:08,849 | ERROR [fap.service.schedule.Scheduler] [schedulerThread], Could not logon to TM1
javax.naming.ConfigurationException: The TM1Server fap is neither in BASIC or in CAM mode

Change to IntegratedSecurityMode=5 from IntegratedSecurityMode=2 in TM1s.cfg file for the TM1 application.

During setup you have been in mode 2 to be able to add the windows service account that is going to be used by the FAP service to login to the TM1 solution. Keep in mind when you setup the DataMart (TM1 server) you need to specify the user login to TM1 with namespaceid\user name as NamespaceID looks in Cognos Configuration (CA11) and user name as you can find it in Cognos Connection. Something like this:

Domain\Lastname Firstname

The field in Edit Data Mart is case sensitive and space sensitive.

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