The user “username” does not have sufficient rights to use Performance Modeler

IBM Cognos TM1 10.2.2
Windows 2008 R2 server

When user start Performance Modeller and after enter the TM1 server and logged on to the BI environment, they get a list of TM1 application that are made available in TM1 application web, after selecting APP1 they get error message:
Access Error
The user “username” does not have sufficient rights to use Performance Modeler.
The “username” does not have access inside the TM1 application APP1, this he should not have because he is not part of that APPLICATION. The issue is that you can select from all TM1 applications that are published to TM1 Application Web, but that does not mean that you are listed as a Developer/Admin inside the TM1 application to be able to use Performance Modeler with that TM1 application.
Let the user try to login to some other TM1 application e.g. Planning Sample where you previous have made the “username” a admin in that TM1 application.

More Information:
To be able to work with a TM1 application in Performance Modeler it must first be added to the TM1 application web.
Surf to
Log in as Administrator in previous published TM1 application.
Click on icon for ”Administer IBM Cognos TM1 Applications”.
Click ADD for the Server Names, to add your TM1 application.
Enter the TM1 server name at Admin Host and select your application from dropdown list.
Click OK.
After it is added – it is not shown in the TM1 application portal, but you can select it when you start TM1 Performance Modeler.