How show TM1 Architect dialogs in English


Cognos TM1 10.1

Windows 2008 R2 Server


TM1 architect show dialogs and error message in local language.

Want it to be in English instead.


TM1 Architect will check the users windows setting for region and use that language if it is supported by the program.


You can force TM1 Architect to use English by entering  the line

Language = ENG

in the file c:\users\username\AppData\Roaming\Applix\TM1\tm1p.ini

Stop TM1 Architect

Open TM1P.INI in notepad

Add the line

Language = ENG

Save the file

Start TM1 Architect

Now the menus should be in English

The tm1p.ini is create from this file c:\programdata\applix\tm1\tm1p.ini
when a user log in to that server the first time. Add Language = ENG to above file to ensure that new users also get TM1 architect menus in English.

Other language is possible;

The following table summarizes the language codes for the supported languages in IBM® Cognos® TM1®.

Language Code
Brazilian Portuguese bra
Croatian hry
Czech csy
Chinese (Simplified) sch
Chinese (Traditional) tch
Danish dan
German deu
Spanish esp
Finnish fin
French fra
Hungarian hun
Italian ita
Japanese jpn
Kazakh kaz
Korean kor
Norwegian nor
Polish pol
Romanian rom
Russian rus
Swedish sve
Turkish trk


When you add the line Language = ENG to TM1S.CFG file, the error message in the tm1server.log will be in English. But you must update the TM1p.ini file to change language in TM1 Architect.


    • The server checks the Language parameter in the Tm1s.cfg configuration file. If a valid language code is configured, that language is used for the server messages.
    • The client components check the Language parameter in the Tm1p.ini configuration file. If a valid language code is configured, that language is used in the user interface.
  • If the language configured in any of the above does not match a valid supported language, English is used.

If no Language =  parameter is set, then TM1 will use the Windows regional setting for that user running the program.