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Cognos Controller 10.1.x

Windows 2008 R2 Server

Citrix Xenapps


When user run the a standard report in Cognos controller the application seem to hang.

Can be for reports like group – reconcile – Between Accounts/Opening Balances.


Error message in preview of report:

please wait, loading the report.



You  must have Adobe Reader installed on the Citrix server where you have the Cognos Controller client installed.

When you run a standard report in Cognos Controller – it will in the background start Adobe Reader to prepare to show the report in PDF format, and not only HTML format.


Install Adobe Reader on Citrix server.

Also ensure that:

Internet explorer enhanced security settings are turned off  (IE ESC)

That the cognos controller web server is in the local intranet zone in Internet explorer

That internet explorer is the default web browser on the Citrix server.

Microsoft Excel on the Citrix server is of the latest Service pack.


Check supported version of Excel here:

More about reconcile: