How do I upgrade my analyst folders


Cognos Planning 10.1.1

Windows 2008 R2 server


How do I upgrade my analyst folders from Cognos Planning version 8.4 ?



Create a file share on the new planning 10.1.1 server.

In our example we call it \\newplanserver\cognosplanning

Make everyone have full access to the share

(later change that to only allow planning administrators and service accounts to have access)

Copy you analyst models folders over to the new share from the old Cognos planning server.

(check inside Cognos Planning Analyst for the path to the files – under File -Administration – Maintain Libraries and Users)

Copy the LIBS.TAB file from the old planning filesys.ini share to the new share.

Disconnect from the old Cognos planning server, so you are not mapped to it any more.

Start New Cognos Analyst on the New Cognos planning server.

Select File – Administration – Upgrade – Existing Libraries

Browse to your local LIBS.TAB file.

Click on OPEN.

“Some of the libraries you are about to import has the same library number as libraries that already exists in analyst.

These libraries cannot be imported.

You can manually copy existing libraries to a different library number, and them manually connect to the old libraries via the Add Library functionality in the Admin screens.”

Click OK.

Now you have the Analyst libraries in the list of Maintain Libraries and Users.

But they have the old path, that is wrong and need to be changed.

Right click on a library in the list and select “Change Library Path…”

In the Find string you enter the part of the path you want to replace

can be \\oldservername\analystshare

In the replace with string you enter the new path to your librarys

in our case that is \\newplanserver\cognosplanning

Click Replace

“The path will be changed for xx libraries.

You can press Cancel to abort the operation.

OK to continue.”

Click OK

Now all the path are updated – they are shown in CAPITAL LETTERS.


To validate the path afterwards, just click Properties for each library since that will report if there are any problems.


IMPORTANT: We do not guarantee this process, you need to make sure you have valid backup of your Cognos planning files before starting the upgrade process.