Checking Driver Capabilities for database


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Microsoft Windows 2019 server


In tm1server.log file there is reference to wrong ODBC connection. Like this

TM1.Process Process “second.process” run from process “main.process” by user “AD/donald”
TM1.SQLAPI Checking Driver Capabilities for database “TEST”
TM1.SQLAPI Driver supports SQLFetchScroll

Possible solution:

As the Data Source tab is pointing to the TEST odbc connection, a test connection is made and written in the log file.

Change the ODBC name in the Data Source tab to the expected ODBC connection like: PROD

You can still have the TI process change the ODBC connection to correct one in the prolog tab, with code like this:

# Set source with values from variables you have defined before
DatasourceQuery = sDataSourceQuery ;

# open the connection to the database ODBC connection
ODBCOpen(sODBCconnection, sUser , sPassword );


# this will change the ODBC connection, and the metadata and data tab will use the new ODBC source.

The DatasourceNameForServer= variable will set the ODBC source used by the process when run from a chore.

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