two networks cards in the TM1 server machine

Cognos Controller FAP 10.1.1
Windows 2008 R2 Server
Cognos TM1 10.2.2
Oracle database

In a multi server setup, when you try to connect to the TM1 server from a terminal server where Cognos TM1 Architect is installed, you get the list of TM1 servers, but when you click on ONE TM1 server ( for example the one called FAP ) then there is no login. Only a not responding message for some time, and then you are back inside TM1 Architect.
If you use TM1 Architect on the same server as where TM1 is installed, then it works fine.

Possible Solution:
There are two networks cards in the TM1 server machine. One network card for access by clients, and the other network card for the company backup routines.
TM1 server will bind and only use the first network card found on the Microsoft Windows 2008 server. And if that is not the card used by clients, you will get this issue.
Go to Control Panel
Go to Network and Sharing Center
Click Change adapter settings
Press the ALT key to get menus on top in the dialog
Select Advance – advance settings from the menu
In adaptor and bindings dialog for connections you see two networks listed
Mark the one that belongs to the client network ( it may start with ip 10 ) and click on the up arrow icon on the right.
Click OK
Close the dialog.
Restart the TM1 services, and test again from TM1 Architect on the Terminal server or client computer.