The GSKit function ‘gsk_environment_init’ failed with the error code ‘9’

Planning Analytics 2.0.5 TM1
Microsoft Windows 2016 terminal server
TM1 package connector version 10.2.6100.8-0

Inside TM1 architect you get a error when you run a TI process that uses the Package connector. Error happens when you start to import data to TM1 with the process.

Error Message:
Error: MetaData procedure line (0): CCognosPackage::BuildDataSource Exception: (TR3117) Unable to retrieve security objects. Please verify credentials.
– CCL-BIT-0005 A socket reported a communication error.
– CAM_Connect=0xffffffff -2113929065CAM-CRP-0321 The GSKit function ‘gsk_environment_init’ failed with the error code ‘9’

Ensure that on the Planning Analytics server, where the TM1 applications are, that you have the GSK*.dll files that come with the TM1 package connector version. If they have been replace to solve other issues, you need to copy them back.

A clean new install of TM1 Package Connector on the PA 2.0.5 server can also help.

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