paw dashboard is blank

Planning Analytics Workspace 74

Microsoft Windows 2019 server


After migrate reports from old PAW to new PAW; some workspace does not show, they are blank instead of showing the table or graph.

Possible solution:

Ensure that inside Planning Analytics Workspace Administration, that the URL for TM1 Application Server Gateway URI point to your TM1WEB server and port.

This settings are also found in file d:\IBM\PAW74\config\paw.ps1

PAW uses the TM1WEB to render the websheets, so this must point to correct port.

If it point to the pmpsvc instead, you will get a blank page, where there should be a websheet in the dashboard.

You migrate the books and reports with the PAW lifecycle function from old PAW to new PAW; but the web sheets are migrated with the TM1 data folder.


More information:

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