PRS-PRH-0221 The Portal/variables_plan.xml could not be opened

TM1 9.5.1 Contributor

Can not log into TM1 Contributor

When logging into TM1 Contributor with integrated CAM authentication, after putting in your credentials you receive the following error: PRS-PRH-0221 The Portal/variables_plan.xml could not be opened.

Two main reasons can be the source of this error:
1- The appropriate files have not been moved to the proper directory.
2- In a distributed environment, the files from the CAdmin folder in the TM1 installation directory are on the wrong server.

Resolving the problem
In a distributed Cognos environment where the Gateway and Application servers are on different machines:

1- Ensure that the pmpsvc.war file is on the C8\webapps folder on the Application servers.

2- Ensure that the planning.html, variables_plan.xml, and the icon_active_application.gif are in the C8\webcontent, C8\templates\ps\portal and C8\webcontent\ps\portal\images respectively on the Gateway server.

These files can be found under the TM1 install directory in the \Cadmin and \Cadmin\gateway folders.

If the gateway and dispatcher are on different servers, copy the variables_plan.xml to the dispatcher server.

3- Also, it is occasionally required that the CAMPortalVariableFile parameter in the tm1s.cfg file be changed from:

Restart the TM1 server to activate the change in parameters.