Initial publish failed. Throwable exception

Cognos Controller 8.5.1
Tm1 9.5.1

When doing a initial publish from controller database to the TM1 cube with the FAP (Financial Analytics Publisher) service you get a error.

Error message:
Could not execute TI process:Business AreaGroup_Process
Initial publish failed. Throwable exception.

Some of the controller security groups have bad names or are invalid to be processed by the FAP.

Before you use below solution – ensure you have a complete backup of the Cognos controller database. Recommended that you take screen shoots of all the security groups you delete, so you later can recreate them with new names.

This to ensure that the security limits to controller users are in affect after the implementation of FAP functions.

On the TM1 server go to the folder where the TM1 log files are created – can be the same folder as the TM1 server e.g. c:\tm1servers\tm1planning
Open the latest logfile in notepad e.g. the logfile name can be like this;
TM1ProcessError_20110225095005_Business AreaGroup_Process.log

Note what line it say there is a problem with
Error: Prolog procedure line (234): Element not found

Start TM1 architect
Select the TM1 cube e.g. tm1planning you are using to publish from FAP service.
Expand down to Processes and Business AreaGroup_Process
Double click on that process to open the Turbo Integrator.
Click on advanced – prolog tabs to show the script code.
Click on the GOTO LINE button on the right.
Enter the number and click OK.

Now you see the line in the script that gives the issues.
Can look like this;

ElementSecurityPut{‘Read’,’Business Area’,’BITO’,’U1IT’};

The last value is the security group name in Cognos controller.
You need to remove the U1 to get the name of the security group, in our example the group name is IT.

Log in to Cognos Controller client as the Administrator.
Go to Maintain – Rights –Security groups.
Click on Extended Dimensions tab.
Click on the CODE button to select the security group from the list.
Mark group IT and click OK.
Click on Delete button inside the security groups dialog.

You may get an information message like below

“There are users connected to this security group. All user connections must be removed before a security group can be deleted”

In that case you must delete the security group from the users that are using it.
Close the Security Groups dialog. Open the Users dialog by
Go to Maintain – Rights – Users dialog.
Click on Limitations tab and look at the line for Business Area Group.
Step trough all the Cognos Controller users to see who is using the Security group IT.

When you find a users who have security group IT in the right side – erase it – and click on save.
When all users are checked for the security group, you go back to the Security groups dialog.
Close the Users dialog, and open maintain – rights – Security groups dialog.
(you need to close the dialog between changes to make it understand the deleted connections)

Erase now the security group e.g. IT in our example.

Close the security dialog and exit Cognos controller client.

Now you need to go to the FAP service manage program and start the FAP process again.