Unable to fetch data for content tree

Planning Analytics Workspace 36
Microsoft Windows 2016 Server

When open PAW and create a new book. There are no TM1 servers/applications listed under databases.

If you only miss access to the TM1 instances, then you can see a error like unable to fetch data for content tree. Session can not be established for server: Planning Sample 500 (internal server error) “code”,”Explorer”,”refID”,”message”,”Failed to get children for Server Cubes”,”Cause”…. ConnectTimeoutException….

When you validate the IBM Planning Analytics Workspace Administration Tool, and get time out on the TM1 Admin Server URI – it can be because the Windows Firewall is blocking port 5898.

The Microsoft Windows firewall is blocking the traffic to the TM1 Admin service, and the rest api port to the TM1 instances.
Go to Run from the start menu, enter wf.msc and press OK.
This will start the Windows Firewall.
Expand Inbound Rules
Click New Rule
Select Port and click next
Enter the needed ports, can be depending on TM1 instance, below for the standard samples;
9300, 9510, 5898, 9012, 8888, 12354, 8014, 5010, 44312, 8011, 5011, 8010
Click Next
Mark Allow the connection click Next
Click Next to apply rule everywhere
Enter name to Cognos and click Finish

Try again.

If you still get 401 errors, you may need to restart the Windows server to make the Firewall changes kick in.

Port 9300 is for Cognos Analytics (BI dispatcher)
Port 9510 is for TM1WEB
Port 5898 is for TM1 Admin service
Port 9012 is for the TM1 Agent

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