Cognos Controller 10.1
Microsoft Windows 2008 server

How automatic set the background picture in Cognos controller for all clients on a Citrix server?

Inside Cognos Controller client, you can define a BMP file to be used as background picture.
Recommended is to have a different background picture for your test environment.
To make Controller Client color different from the productions clients.

In Cognos Controller client go to
Maintain – Installation – Local Preferences
Here you can enter the key app_background
And a value that points to a local BMP file.

Local Preferences values are stored in the ccr.config file for each user in there windows profile.
You need to populate this file for each user when they logon to the Terminal Server.

On citrix server create a folder called d:\script
On citrix server create a BMP file and save it as c:\windows\background.bmp
On citrix server download AUTOIT3:EXE from
And place it in folder d:\script

Create a text file in folder d:\script named replaceccr.au3 with this content:

$TextFileName = @UserProfileDir & “\AppData\Roaming\Cognos\ccr\ccr.config”

$FindText = “”
$ReplaceText = ‘ ‘

$FileContents = FileRead($TextFileName)
$Check = StringInStr( $FileContents, “” )

if $Check = 0 Then

$FileContents = StringReplace($FileContents,$FindText,$ReplaceText)


Create a text file in folder d:\script named updateccr.cmd with this content:
d:\script\autoit3.exe d:\script\replaceccr.au3

In folder d:\script these files should now be:
Autoit3.exe = used to process au3 script files
Replaceccr.au3 = will check the users ccr.config file and add the “app_background” if it does not already have a “LocalPref” value.
Updateccr.cmd = file to run to active the script

You may then add the updateccr.cmd file to your C:\Windows\System32\usrlogon.cmd, to make it run when anyone logon to the Windows Server.

More information about Terminal Server logon script

More information about Autoit3:

Cognos Controller 10.1

Error before login to Cognos Controller you get an error message. You get the message after you have selected the controller database to use.

Error message:
Log On IBM Cognos Controller

Invalid namespace was selected

Cognos Controller 10 is setup to talk to a Cognos BI 8 installation.

The Dispatcher URI in Controller Configuration Report Server is not only used when you run the standard reports – it is also used when validate the login when using Server Authentication. The Report Server Dispatcher value is inherited to Server Authentication.

The values for Report Server will be reset to default values when you install the Cognos Controller Update Components Fix Pack on a existing Cognos Controller installation.

On the Cognos Controller application server
Start IBM Cognos Controller Configuration
Select Report Server in the list
Change the Dispatcher URI to be a valid URL

To something like this

Click Save
Exit Controller Configuration
Start Cognos Controller client and test again.

More Information:
If the Cognos BI service is not available you will get an error of this kind instead:
IBM Cognos Business Intelligence
Error executing request. Please verify that the target URI is valid and that IBM Cognos is online.

Below error message in Swedish:

”IBM Cognos-gatewayen kan inte ansluta till IBM Cognos BI-servern. Servern kan vara otillgänglig eller så kan gatewayen vara felaktigt konfigurerad.”
”Försök igen eller kontakta administratören.”

Cognos Controller 8.5

How to install the Cognos Controller client automatic?

Sometimes the IT department want to automate the installation of the Cognos Controller Client on the client computer or Citrix server.

You can from a script start the CCRLOCALCLIENT.MSI file and add parameters that will respond to the questions you get when you install.

Copy first the CCRLOCALCLIENT.MSI file to the Client Computer.
You can download it from

Enter below on ONE row in a DOS prompt on the client computer:
msiexec.exe /qb /i ccrlocalclient.msi WSSURL=http://servername/cognos8/controllerserver HELPURL=http://servername/cognos8/controllerhelp

Replace servername above with the name of your Cognos Controller server.

Cognos TM1 9.5

After installing a new TM1 instance – the new TM1 server is not shown in the drop down list for the TM1Web login. It only shows the login dialog for user name and password.

The web.config file in the tm1web folder is configured to only talk to one tm1server.

Open the web.config file from folder
Search the file for TM1ServerName (it is close to the end of the file)

Change the line from
<add key=”TM1ServerName” value=”tm1servername” />
to this
<add key=”TM1ServerName” value=”” />
save the file.

Then surf to the TM1web and select the server you want to login to from the list.

Cognos TM1 9.5.2 portlets
Cognos BI 10.1

You can not get a TM1 cube viewer to show up in your Cognos Connection Page.

Error message:
The file “portal/variables_TM1.xml” could not be opened.

The variables_tm1.xml file is installed to the Cognos Gateway folder, should be installed to folder C:\Program Files\ibm\cognos\c10_64\templates\ps\portal on the Cognos BI server.

Error message:
The forward URL does not exist or it has failed validation. Ensure that a valid forward URL is specified.

The URL in the variables_tm1.xml file is wrong. Ensure it is correct, by compare it to a variables_tm1.xml file from a working Cognos BI server.

Note that you must always restart the Cognos BI service, after changes to variables_tm1.xml file for the change to take affect.

The variables_TM1.xml file should look like this; replace SRV001 with your TM1 server name.

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?>


IBM Confidential

OCO Source Materials

BI and PM: tm1fragments

(C) Copyright IBM Corp. 2008, 2009

The source code for this program is not published or otherwise

divested of its trade secrets, irrespective of what has been

deposited with the U.S. Copyright Office.




<url is-regex=”true”>http://srv001/TM1Web/TM1WebLogin.aspx</url>

<url is-regex=”true”>http://srv001/TM1Web/TM1WebLoginHandler.aspx</url>

<url is-regex=”true”>http://srv001/TM1Web/TM1WebMain.aspx</url>



<param name=”cam_passport”/>



Cognos TM1 contributor version 9.5.1

Can not logon and access a previous working TM1 Contributor application.
User surf to http://tm1servername:8080/pmpsvc
Is prompted with TM1 Login dialog that ask for user name and password
No matter what you enter – you get a error message.

Error message:
Could not logon to any available servers with the provided credentials.

The TM1 Contributor is tie to a TM1 Application that use CAM security.
But the TM1 application was not using CAM security when you setup TOMCAT and TM1 Contributor – you have change the TM1 application later to use CAM (Cognos 8 logon) and therefore the TM1 Contributor ask for a TM1 login- but can not find any TM1 application that supports that logon method.

Suggested Solution:
(There may be other way to solve this)

You need to setup TM1 Contributor again.
Logon to your TM1 Contributor windows server.
Stop Apache Tomcat 6 service.
Remove the values for server name and admin_host in the pmpsvc_config.xml file.
Start the Apache Tomcat 6 service again.
Surf to http://localhost:8080/pmpsvc

You will be prompted with the TM1 Contributor Configuration page again.

Enter the TM1 server name at Admin Host:
(this can be a different server than the TM1WEB – it should be the server that runs the TM1 admin service)

The TM1 Web Client URL should be:
(this should point to the server that runs the tm1web portal – often the same server as the Cognos gateway server)

In the server drop down list you should select your previous selected tm1planning server.
Now you will get two new lines to enter information (for the CAM security)

IBM Cognos 8 Gateway URI: enter here a value like this;

IBM Cognos 8 Dispatcher URI: enter here a value like this;

Click OK to save.
Now you will be prompted with the Cognos 8 logon page.
Then you are back in the TM1 Contributor page with your application.

Cognos Planning 8.4.1

On new install or on an upgrade to Cognos Planning 8.4.1 the Cognos Planning service does not start when you try from inside Cognos Configuration. Cognos 8 BI service will start fine on the other hand.

When the SQL database is in an INSTANCE (not using the standard port number of 1433) then you must use the instance name for Cognos Planning to access the database. The use of the SQL port number in Cognos Configuration for the Planning Store database will give this error.
Cognos use java odbc connectors to access the database.

Ensure that the SQL Browser service is started on the Microsoft SQL 2005 server

In Cognos Configuration under Planning Store – Database – Resource Properties
Ensure that you address the database server with servername\instance name

The use of SQL Aliases on the Cognos Planning server may not solve this issue.

You can try by installing the Microsoft SQL server 2005 client’s tools on the Application server.
Then from inside the Configuration Tools menu start SQL Server Configuration Manager.
Under the SQL Native Client Configuration right click on Alias and select New Alias.

Create a new alias named planningds for the planning database server.
Enter the server name and the port number.
Port number can be different when you use an instance of Microsoft SQL server on a database server machine.

Cognos Planning version 8.4.1

Can not start the Cognos Planning service from Cognos Configuration

Error Message:
Failed HRESULT [0x80004005] :The service failed to start because it could not successfully open a database connection with the Planning Store or the Content Store configured in Cognos Configuration. Details:
Database Errors: Source: Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server Description: Login failed for user ‘cognos_ps’. The user is not associated with a trusted SQL Server connection. Number: -2147467259 SQLState: 42000 NativeError: 18452

The SQL login is setup in Microsoft SQL server management studio, but the SQL server is not set to support mix mode login.

Start Microsoft SQL server management studio
Open properties for the SQL server
Change the server security to “SQL server and Windows Authentication mode”
Click OK to save changes.

Restart server and test database connection again from Cognos Configuration.

Cognos Planning 8.4.1 rich client

Can not move tabs in Cognos Contributor client.

More information:
Do below steps to reset the tab order to the default for the application:
Open up the Cognos planning administration console
choose /development /application maintenance/admin options
Change “persistent settings” from “client” to “server”
Save and GTP the application.
(cube order, orientation and sorting of the dimension made in the client grid will have to be re-done)

The Persist Contributor Web Client Setting can affect IBM Cognos Planning Rich Client Performance. Having the Persist Contributor Web Client Setting turned to Off may provide a slight improvement web client performance.

By turning the Persist Contributor Web Client Setting to Off, neither the server nor the client caches the user’s web grid layout. Therefore any grid customization will be lost once the user logs off and will need to be reset upon next entry. It is important this change in functionality is weighed carefully against the potential performance improvements. Persist client setting are global setting and will affect all users. When turning off Persist a dialog box will appear, this explains the loss in functionality that will result.

Exit Cognos Planning Contributor and erase the local cache in Internet Explorer.

If the persisted settings are set to “Client” then this setting is saved on your client PC and you are looking out for an XML called “{GUID}workbench.xml ” under \CognosRCP\temp\contributor_8.4\RichClient

Deleting this will force the grid to take the settings that is set within CAC.

Then start Internet Explorer and your Cognos Planning application again.

Cognos BI 10.1.1 office
Windows 2008 R2 server
Microsoft Excel 2007

Error message when you import a report with prompts to excel.

Part of Error message:
Client found response content type of (text/ type / HTML) but expected

DOCTYPE html PUBLIC “-//W3C/DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN”

500 – Internal server error.

There is a problem with the resource you are looking for, and it cannot be displayed.

On you Cognos BI gateway server
Start Internet Information Service Manager
Expand the Default Web Site so you see cgi-bin folder
Click on application cgi-bin
Double-click on icon Error Pages.
Click on the right side on “Edit Feature Settings”
Mark “Detailed errors”
Click OK

Test again – you do not need to restart the IIS to active the change.

The error in GO OFFICE happen when “Detailed errors for local requests and custom error pages for remote requests” is marked in the IIS dialog.